The Dancer

Stéphanie DI GIUSTO

Cast: Soko, Mélanie Thierry, François Damiens, Gaspard UllielLily-Rose Depp








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Based on the real-life story of Loïe Fuller. Born in rural America in the 19th century, solid and singularly ungraceful, Loïe is in no way destined to be a star of Parisian cabarets, and ballets all over the world, until she invents the Serpentine Dance. Concealed in yards of light fabrics, with wooden batons as extensions of her arms, Loïe becomes a flower, a butterfly, a blaze, as she moves in the light. A little more every evening, she mesmerizes audiences. Eventually, the plain, awkward young woman finds her place in the world. She will be La Danseuse, even if her strenuous efforts break her back, even if the powerful lights burn her eyes. But her encounter with Isadora Duncan, a young prodigy grasping for fame and glory precipitates the fall of this icon of the young 20th century.

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