La Prima linea (Front Line)


Release date in Belgium – April 2010

Running time: 100 min.


Casting: Riccardo ScamarcioGiovanna MezzogiornoFabrizio Rongione





“Le Nuove” Prison, Turin, November 1989. In the semidarkness of a cell, a man of 35 is telling his story. It is Sergio Segio, one of the founders of the armed left-wing group Prima Linea (Front Line), who went underground in the mid-1970s, convinced that the use of violence wasa necessary choice for the “revolutionary dream”.

After being sentenced to many years in prison, Sergio recalls the time of his arrest and, prior to that, a day in par- ticular: 3 January 1982. We see him in an anonymous apartment in Venice, wherehe has gathered together a group of mili- tants with whom he is preparing to carry out an “impossible” action: springing four female inmates from Rovigo prison, in- cluding Susanna Ronconi, the woman he loves and with whom he hopes to start a new life; the woman with whom he has shared ideas and political choices, and committed tragic mistakes.

  • Toronto International Festival 2009 – Official Selection
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