Le silence de Lorna (Lorna’s silence)

Jean-Pierre and Luc DARDENNE

Release date in Belgium – 27 August 2008

Running time: 95 min


Cast: Arta DobroshiJérémie RenierFabrizio RongioneMorgan Marinne, Olivier Gourmet








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The destiny of Lorna, a young woman of Albanian origin living in Belgium, is changing thanks to Fabio, a friend and taxi-driver in Liège. He has arranged a paper marriage for her with Claudy, a young Belgian junkie. Once Lorna has Belgian citizenship, she will be able to sort out her situation, take out a loan at the bank and buy the snack bar that she dreams of opening in Liège with her boyfriend, Sokol. Fabio, in agreement with Lorna, has chosen a junkie for the paper marriage because a junkie can be eliminated with an overdose without arousing the suspicions of the police and so avoid divorce proceedings that entail an inquiry and are likely to thwart the rest of Fabio’s plan…


Everything would go smoothly if Claudy, caught up in his fake marriage with Lorna, didn’t beg her to help him quit drugs… After hesitating, swayed by Claudy’s desire to live, she accepts…  Will she be swayed to the extent of saving Claudy from the death that awaits him? Will she dare to betray Fabio? Is she ready to renounce buying the snack bar, her dream? Will she be able to break the silence?…

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