Release date in Belgium – 6 November 2013

Running Time: 95 min


Cast: Matteo SimoniEvelien BosmansWarre Borgmans






International Sales

Italy, 1948, Rocco, aged 10, is growing up in a small village – nice but very poor – in the mountains of Calabria, until the day when his father, Salvatore, decides to leave in search of a better future for his family. He heads off to Belgium which, according to propaganda at the time, was the Promised Land. Salvatore wants to earn lots of money there in just a little time and then return to his native country. But quickly, Salvatore brings his family to Waterschei and overnight, young Rocco becomes a migrant with all the consequences that this involves. The greyness of the mining region of Limburg, the bitter cold winters, the racism as well as the foreign language and culture, dampen the young man’s joie de vivre.


Like other children, Rocco wants to be somebody. He goes against his father’s convictions and looks for an escape route in music and love; he follows his heart and passion to make his own dreams a reality. The more that time passes, it becomes more evident that Salvatore will never reach his goal and will never return to Italy. But Rocco fights for his identity and self-respect.


The story is based on the childhood memories of Rocco Granata, the singer of Italian/Belgian descent who has become famous throughout the whole world with his hit “Marina”.

  • Valladolid International Film Festival – Prix du jury étudiant, 2013 (Espagne)
  • Prix du meilleur film, meilleur réalisateur, meilleur scénario, meilleurs costumes, meilleurs décors, Prix du public, Industry Award à la 5e cérémonie des Ensors 2014 (Belgique)
  • Prix des meilleurs décors, meilleurs costumes, meilleur film flamand à la 5e cérémonie des Magritte 2015 (Belgique)
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