Mon colonel (The colonel)


Release date in Belgium – 15 November 2006

Running time: 110 min.

Cast: Robinson SteveninOlivier GourmetCécile de FranceBruno Solo







Retired Colonel Duplan is murdered. An unsigned letter accuses : « the Colonel died in Saint-Arnaud ». The diary of young Lieutenant Rossi, the Colonel’s aide-de-camp in Saint-Arnaud (French Algeria) in 1956 fascinates Galois, the young army Lieutenant in charge of the investigation : Rossi’s mission was to study how far the army could go using new laws of exception granted by the civilian authorities.


Galois’ investigation will make her face the process that changes a young lieutenant into a torturer and discover how these laws of exception paved the way to torture and legalized war crimes, all committed in the name of a war on terror.

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