Pourquoi on ne peut pas se voir dehors quand il fait beau (Why we can’t we each other outside when the sun is shining)


Documentary • Release date in Belgium – September 2007

Running Time: 49 min







Pourquoi tells about prison through daily life of children and their incarcerated parents. There is Didier, who knows his children only through pictures, visits and phone, and whose kids are slowly loosing hope to see him come out one day. There is Daniel, who did not see his son grow up, his son who has just been imprisoned too, in a detention center for under-aged. And there is Jessica and Axel, both in jail, who are trying to maintain somekind of  relationship with their children, placed in an institution. Through those lives, the film questions about the legitimity of  the prison system when it punishes the prisoners as well as their nearest.

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