Vie sauvage

Cédric KAHN

Release date in Belgium – 29 October 2014

Running time: 95 min.


Cast: Mathieu KassovitzCéline SalletteDavid GastouSofiane Neveu








International Sales

Philippe Fournier, aka Paco, lives with his 6 and 7 year old sons, having decided not to give them back to their mother after she won custody of the children.

As children and then adolescents, Okyesa and Tsali Fournier must live their lives in the shadows, assuming different identities, hunted by the police but always free and on the move. From attics to farmhouses, caravans to communes, they live in harmony with nature and their animals. They live with constant danger and fear, but also with the solidarity and bonds formed with friends met on the road, and the joys of living life off the grid. 11 years spent on the run all across France: a journey that would define their identity.

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